What is SRI

The Self-Regulation Institute (SRI) develops and disseminates knowledge about Self-Regulation. As a not-for-profit sister organization to The Mehrit Centre, SRI supports, conducts, and funds applied and basic research on Self-Regulation practices in any of the five domains of well-being: biological, emotional, cognitive, social, and prosocial. Based at Trent University SRI is a rigorous academic research unit that promotes the sharing of knowledge about Self-Regulation practices through a fully accessible on-line research database that includes both research conducted by and with SRI, as well other significant contributions to the field.


The mission at SRI is to support, conduct, and openly share the findings of rigorous research related to the five domains of Self-Regulation. 


The goal is to support health and wellness in children, youth, and adults by increasing awareness through disseminating evidence-based information on Self-Regulation and effective Self-Regulation techniques.  SRI seeks to encourage and support initiatives that are designed to promote Self-Regulation in communities ad organizations; and identifying factors that support and inhibit the impact of Self-Regulation initiatives.