Table of Contents

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1. Sparking Reframed: A Letter from the Editor Stuart Shanker
2. Hide and Seek: The Challenge of Understanding the Full Complexity of Stress and Stress-Reactivity, Stuart Shanker and Travis Francis
3. Good Stress Gone Bad: Transition Conditions in Transforming Stress from Negative to Positive, Stuart Shanker and Elizabeth Shepherd
4. Self-Reg and Reframing, Stuart Shanker and Casey Burgess
5. Reframing: A Literature Review, Casey Burgess
6. Masking Stress with Misbehaviour: A Shanker Self-Reg® Lens, Susan Hopkins and Elizabeth Shepherd
7. Self-Regulation, Self-Control, and the Practice of Shanker Self-Reg®, Susan Hopkins, Stuart Shanker, and Rebecca Leslie
8. Examining the Measures: Review of Self-Reg Components Captured in Current Measures Labelled “Self-Regulation”, Daisy Pyman and Brenda Smith-Chant
9. Measuring the Biological Foundations of Self-Reg: Psychophysiological Assessments of the Stress Response, Casey Burgess and Brenda Smith-Chant
10. Call for Papers for Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg Volume 1:2 January 2018