Submission Guidelines

As an open access peer-reviewed publication, Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg, provides a forum for academics and communities to share rigorous research on self-regulation in order to further the conversation and our understanding of Self-Reg. The journal publishes theoretical, empirical, review, applied, and policy papers pertaining to self-regulation and Self-Reg. Published by the Self Regulation Institute (SRI), Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg invites applicable interdisciplinary submissions for consideration. Please refer to SRI’s Research Values and Research Directions for further information.

  • Submission deadlines can be found under Call for Papers.
  • Abstracts must be 200 words or fewer and submitted along with a title.
  • Abstracts must be written in the third person, not first person.
  • Full text manuscripts will be requested by the Editors based on consideration and acceptance of the abstract.
  • Full text manuscripts that are not accepted for publication will be returned to the author with comments from the editors.
  • Editors retain the right to reject manuscripts that do not meet established ethical standards for research or dissemination.
  • Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg does not charge a publication fee.
  • Subsequent to acceptance of the abstract: manuscripts are expected to be no more than 15 pages, including tables, figures, and references (but excluding appendices). If the submission is more than 15 pages, it will be returned to the author for shortening prior to editorial review.
  • Manuscripts cannot be identical to or substantively similar to manuscripts under review or published elsewhere.
  • Editorials, features, and reviews will be commissioned by the editors.
  • Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg publishes manuscripts that are grounded in robust research questions and methodologies. Rigorous research that leads to no significant findings can be a valuable point of discussion. Accordingly, the journal also welcomes research that supports a null hypothesis.

Manuscripts should be submitted via email to

Format and Style

  • All documents must be submitted as Word files (.doc or .docx)
  • Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg follows the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Manuscripts must align with APA Style rules including using 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spacing throughout, and 1-inch margins.

Review Process

  • Manuscripts are tentatively accepted or declined by the editorial team within 20 days of submission of abstracts and titles.
  • We require exclusive submission to Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg or 60 days from the date of full text submission.
  • Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg conducts a double-blind process. The manuscript is handled by the Managing Editor who consults with the Editors and reviewers with relevant expertise. Prior to the review, any identifying author information is removed. Submissions and associated correspondences are retained in the SRI archives.
  • The manuscript is reviewed by the Editorial team and 2-4 reviewers who have relevant expertise are invited to review the manuscript.
  • Subsequent to receiving the requested number of reviews, the Editors will make an editorial decision based on the reviews and the recommendations by the reviewers. The Editors decision letter, as well as the associated reviews, are blinded and handled by the Managing Editor and sent to the author.
  • Decisions are delivered within 60 days of full text submission. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please inquire at

Corresponding Author Responsibilities

  • The corresponding author’s submission to Reframed implies that all co-authors have consented to the content and form of the submission.
  • Any conflict of interest or financial interest must be disclosed to the Editors.
  • The corresponding author must inform all co-authors in a timely manner of the submission, editorial decisions, reviews, and requested revisions.
  • Authors are expected to maintain the highest level of academic integrity in their submission.
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