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The potential of Self-Reg is vast. The five domains of Self-Reg, biological, emotion, cognitive, social, and pro-social, encompass all aspects of life and the process of self-regulation is accessible to all ages, genders, abilities, and cultures.  Yet, much research is needed to better understand how Self-Reg improves lives. And for scientists, especially important is how Self-Reg enables us to look at existing theories in a new light: to find important new questions and answers in theories that have already been deeply explored.

As an open access, peer reviewed publication, Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg, provides a forum for academics and communities to share rigorous research on self-regulation in order to further the conversation and our understanding of Self-Reg.

Reframed Editors

Dr. Stuart Shanker
Science Director

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology, internationally celebrated speaker, thinker, and writer, Dr. Stuart Shanker is one of the world’s leading authorities on self-regulation. Stuart trained intensively in child psychotherapy under Stanley Greenspan; he was the Director of the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative at York University; President of the Canadian Council of Early Child development; Director of the council of Human Development; and has served for many years as an advisor to government and education organizations across Canada and internationally.

Throughout his career, Stuart has researched and studied the role of self-regulation in mental and physical well-being and academic achievement. He has focused on the beneficial role that positive stress plays in children’s development and learning and the worrying effects of excessive negative stress.

Stuart founded SRI, where he currently serves as Science Director to continue his research into self-regulation.

Lisa Bayrami, Ph.D
Executive Director

Dr. Lisa Bayrami is the Executive Director of the Self-Regulation Institute (SRI). Lisa is passionate about fostering wellbeing among children, youth, families, and communities. As former Director of Research at Roots of Empathy, a large non-for-profit organization, Lisa oversaw all aspects of research globally. Lisa trained as a developmental psychologist under Dr. Stuart Shanker and Dr. Stanley Greenspan and continued her journey as Senior Scientist at the Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative (MEHRI) at York University where she designed and led multiple school-based research initiatives and worked with children with special needs and their families. She has instructed as a Professor of Psychology in the School of Liberal Arts and Academic Partnerships at Seneca at York. Lisa also consults internationally supporting children, educators, parents, and Governments with the central focus of cultivating well-being.

In addition, Lisa is on the Advisory Committee for Measuring What Matters (People for Education) and the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Holistic Early Learning and Development. Previously, she has served as a member of the Babies and Preschool Working Groups as part of the National Reading campaign.

Lisa believes that Self-Reg is foundational to changing the landscape of wellbeing for all and is excited to bring her vision and enthusiasm to lead SRI into the future.

Managing Editor

Anne Showalter, B.Ed., Ph.D. Candidate

Anne is currently a doctoral candidate in Canadian Studies examining ideas of memory in four Canadian films and the on-line writing they have inspired. Past research includes practices of dying in long term care facilities, Girlhood in Canada, and the benefits environmental awareness in education. Anne finds connections to Self-Regulation research as a teacher and in her own research into how we narrate, discuss, and dispute traumatic memories.

Anne believes that research matters because it is takes a problem and seeks to find ways to address it. Research makes life better.

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