The Self Regulation Institute’s monthly webinar series, Brainwaves, sparks the research conversation by bringing together researchers and community members to engage in rich learning and discussion about Self-Reg. Webinar participants have the opportunity to partake in a live Q&A session following the webinars. Join us on this learning journey and delve deeper into the research!


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Current Offerings:

Reframing Procrastination with Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant: March 28, 2019

Brenda Smith-Chant, Ph.D began her career as a research expert by examining how kids learn to count. This important research lead to work with Peel Public Health on the transition to parenthood, publishing research findings on early numeracy and literacy, and work with multiple community-action research projects, such as the CARA Project (Community Aboriginal Recreation Activators) and Best Start community pilot projects. For Brenda, self-regulation is directly connected to her research in cognitive development as it lead her to look at the social, educational, cultural, language, and parenting influences on children’s thinking development. In addition to her research, Brenda was a foster parent. She began to see the damaging effects of trauma, stress, and anxiety on her foster children, and how feelings of safety allowed them to blossom. These two areas, research into early learning and foster parenting, have combined under Dr. Shanker’s guidance to inform Brenda’s self-regulation work.

Upcoming Offerings:

Dr. Stuart Shanker
Dr. Lisa Bayrami
Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo
Dr. Kristy Timmons
And many more!

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