The Self Regulation Institute’s monthly webinar series, Brainwaves, sparks the research conversation by bringing together researchers and community members to engage in rich learning and discussion about Self-Reg. Webinar participants have the opportunity to partake in a live Q&A session following the webinars. Join us on this learning journey and delve deeper into the research!


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Current Offerings:

Self-Regulation in Practice for Emerging Early Childhood Educators  with Lorraine Purgret and Marie Poss: April 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM (EST)

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Marie Poss, RECE, OCT, M.Ed

Marie has over 6 years post-secondary teaching at Fanshawe College, Simcoe ON, in the accelerated Early Childhood Education program, as well as a prior engaging career in both childcare and elementary schools. Marie is currently one of the ECE coordinators at Fanshawe College, and has extensive experience in curriculum development, course writing, and research projects. She is innately interested in helping children to develop strong primary relationships, and using self-regulation to aid children in this development. Marie has 2 young children at home and enjoys watching and guiding them to develop their own strong self-regulation skills.  Marie believes that Shanker’s Self-Reg is vital for all early childhood educators to understand, and critical for developing strong resiliency skills in children.

Lorraine Purgret, RECE, BA Child Studies

Lorraine has over 26 years post-secondary teaching and coordinating at Fanshawe College, Simcoe ON, in both the Early Childhood Education and Developmental Services Worker programs.  Her academic and professional focus has been the care and education of children but also the desire to help students understand development from a broader perspective. Lorraine is passionate about recognizing the uniqueness that exists in development and how to use this information to better understand each child’s developmental story.  She is naturally interested in self-regulation as both a teaching tool in her classroom and to aid children’s development. Understanding self-regulation has become such a fundamental part of her teaching in post-secondary education as well as parenting her 9 and 16 year old daughters. Lorraine believes that Shanker’s Self-Reg has an important role in early childhood, and her goal is to help students understand that connection as well.

Upcoming Offerings:

Dr. Stuart Shanker
Dr. Lisa Bayrami
Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo
Dr. Kristy Timmons
And many more!

Past Offerings:

Reframing Procrastination with Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant.

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