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SRI Team

Stuart Shanker, D.Phil. Science Director

Lisa Bayrami, Ph.D. Executive Director

Brenda Smith-Chant, Ph.D. Sr. Researcher & Sr. Research Advisor

Susan Hopkins, Ed.D. Researcher Partner

Anne Showalter, B.Ed., Ph.D. Candidate Manager of Research, Partnerships, and Community Relationships

Esther Kushnir, Manager, Board Relations and Operations

Sarah Behl, Webmaster and Social Media Specialist

Casey Burgess, Ph.D. Candidate Research Assistant

Travis Francis, M.Sc. Candidate Research Assistant

Rebecca Leslie, B.Ed., M.Ed. Candidate Research Assistant

Daisy Pyman, M.Sc. Candidate Research Assistant

Rachel Thomson, M.Sc. Candidate Research Assistant

Research Inquiries:

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