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Reframed – The Journal of Self-Reg

The potential of Self-Reg is boundless.  The five domains of Self-Reg encompass all aspects of life and the process of self-regulation is accessible to all ages, genders, abilities, and cultures.  Yet much research is needed to better understand how Self-Reg can and does improve lives.  And for scientists, especially important is how Self-Reg enables us to look at existing theories in a new light: to find important new questions and answers in theories that have already been deeply explored. As an open access, peer reviewed publication, Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg provides a forum for academics and communities to share rigorous research into self-regulation so that we can further the conversation and our understanding of Self-Reg.

Inspired by questions arising from our community the first issue of Reframed focuses on an intensive review of existing literature in the following five areas:  the domains of stress, the transition conditions between positive and negative stressors, Self-Reg reframing, Self-Reg in practice, and a review of Self-Reg measures.  The goal of this review is to re-frame existing research from a Self-Reg perspective, to determine what we already know and what questions we need to focus on next.

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Editors of Reframed

Stuart Shanker, D.Phil.
Stuart Shanker, D.Phil.Editor
Anne Showalter B.A., M.A., B.Ed., PhD Candidate,
Anne Showalter B.A., M.A., B.Ed., PhD Candidate,Managing Editor
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